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New in Høyanger

As visitors or a new inhabitant, there are probably some questions you would like answers to. Some answers can be found at our website, but you are also welcome to contact us on
E-mail or Phone +47 57 71 15 00.

Find nursery schools (barnehagar), schools (skular), doctor (legekontor), waterpark (Høyangerbadet), cinema (Høyanger kino)

Need a place to live?

We have apartments for rent or sale. If you have questions regarding the possibility to rent or buy please contact us at + 47 57 71 15 35.

Other housing for sale or rent you will find mainly in the paper edition of the local newspaper Ytre Sogn Avis, or at

Looking for a job?

The majority of jobs in Høyanger are within public sector, manufacturing and various service providers to the industrial sector. You will also find businesses within offshore, aquaculture, transport, IT and construction. Both public and private firms regularly recruit new employees.
More information at NAV or Framtidsfylket.

School and nursery schools?

Our children and young people are important to us. That's why we focus on high-quality day care, schools and leisure facilities. We have six different nursery schools and four different schools in different parts of the municipality. You will also find a variety of activities, from organized sports, band and choir, skiing and hiking.


On you will find information about activities, lodging opportunities, and activities in Høyanger.

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Contact us

Høyanger municipality
August Gunnarskogsgt. 1 PO Box 159
6991 Høyanger
E-post :
: 57 71 15 00

: 57 71 15 01
: NO 944439838 mva
: 3720 12 79764
: 1416
: 0800-1500 summer 0800-1545 winter
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Høyanger kommune, August Gunnarskogsgt. 1, Postboks 159, 6991 Høyanger, telefon: 57 71 15 00, fax: 57 71 15 01 NO 944439838 mva      Webredaktør: Kultursjef Anita Nordheim
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