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Coronavirus/koronavirusas/Korona wirus/fayruuska Corona/فيروس كورونا/

Press conferences, news and press releases, and information from the Government in several languages.

Information about the coronavirus in several languages from Norges Frivilligsentral

Information from NIPH-Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Information about corona 

Coronavaksine - information in several languages;
Vaccinul anticoronavirus (Rumensk/Romanian)
Vakcina nuo koronaviruso (Lituaisk/Lithuanian)
Vakcīna pret koronavīrusu (Latvisk/Latvian) 
Вакцина против коронавируса (Russisk/Russian)
Szczepienia przeciwko koronawirusowi (Polsk/Polish)

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